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(30) If my supposition here is correct and the leather aprons in the play are meant to symbolically represent something beyond their suggestion of labour, Kett's being a tanner is another crucial piece of this puzzle.
I had not realized that the latter had derived from the wooden board (sometimes a leather apron) placed at the front of a carriage to protect the driver and his passengers from the mud and water thrown up by the horses' hooves as they dashed over the countryside.
While no one knows for certain the real identity of Jack the Ripper, or Leather Apron as he is sometimes referred to, Maniscalco's imagination lends itself to the possibility that her version is plausible enough to have happened.
Clad in a leather apron and covered in tattoos, he forges steel into tools, art, gates and other functional pieces using a coal fire, just as blacksmiths have for hundreds of years.
X Body, Arm, Hand Protection Required Leather Gloves, Leather Apron, for Job: Grinding Sleeves Certified By: __ Date: __ Figure 1.
Marullus (another official): Where is thy leather apron and thy rule?
The statue depicts a cropper in defiant pose with a small child tugging at his leather apron.
A monk in a leather apron works a hand pumped bellows on a furnace where terra cotta bowls are fired.
Accompanied by the Berlin metal band's two lead guitarists punching their way through walls, the thick-set singer bursts into view wearing a blood-stained leather apron in a scene resembling the Butcher of New York meets Mad Max.
I want my Ferrari to be built by a little Italian guy with a white mustache and leather apron, preferably named Geppetto.Of course, itAAEs fastAua top speed of 193 miles per hourAuand itAAEs quick: 3.8 seconds to 60 mph with the Aolaunch assistAo system engaged.
And he says that the secret to its saucy success is that he whipped up the recipe in the nude wearing just a leather apron and an alpine hat.