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n 1. a conveyance of lands or tenements to a person for life, for a stated number of years, or at will, in consideration of rent or some other recompense.
2. any agreement that gives rise to a landlord and tenant relationship.
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CDA Member Planning Asad Mehboob Kayani, when contacted, said: 'In all those cases where due process was not followed, we will cancel the lease agreements.
These lease agreements will take effect on 1 February 2018 and the hotel properties will then be reclassified by Pandox from Operator Activities to Property Management.
Accordingly, your letters-because they deny without legal causes Petron's contractual right to renew-constitute fundamental breach of the three lease agreements.
The company stated that these lease agreements imply shared investments, lower risk and thereby lower average valuation yield for the hotel properties, and lay the foundations for good growth in rental income and net operating income.
Based on our discussions with the competent authorities, we have been informed that all short term lease agreements (i.
A 10-year lease agreement for 4,222 square feet with Iris Salon in its shopping center in Seaford, Long Island.
New leasings include: four Embraer 190s to Bulgaria Air with deliveries scheduled for March, April, June, and November 2012; an additional new Airbus A330-300 to Asiana Airlines (Korea), for delivery in September 2012; a 12 year lease agreement with Garuda Indonesia Airlines for an Airbus A330-200; and a Boeing 737-800 (MSN 32919) on a long term lease to Caribbean Airlines Limited.
Ultimately, in the current climate whether you are a landlord or tenant there is good reason to carefully review the lease agreements you might have.
Clarkson Insurance Agency recommends a legal review of all lease agreements before committing to any legal arrangement.
If the cumulative rent under the lease agreement exceeds $250,000 and the rents are increasing, the lease agreement may be ignored and the income to the landlord and the deductions to the tenant determined by the present value of future lease payments.
The webinar is led by an expert on negotiating and drafting commercial lease agreements, Benjamin Kursman, and focuses on:
Accordingly, your letters - because they deny without legal causes Petron's contractual right to renew - constitute fundamental breach of the three lease agreements.