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"Creating and Sharing Online Library Instruction: A How-To-Do-It Manual For Librarians" is designed to be reused and shared, learning objects are digital content and assessments centered on student learning outcomes.
In addition to WebAssign for digital homework and assessment, Cengage offers the recently-launched MindTap for Math and Statistics, a complete course solution, and Learning Objects, a program solution.
SITA analyzed Horizon Weight&Balance and broke it down into 133 learning objects, which were arranged into nine training modules and mapped onto three roles.
In the second section, they address future trends in educational hypermedia and ubiquitous learning, including the role of memory and cognition, studying tasks and tablets, pedagogical agents, the role of learner prior knowledge, u-learning and hyperaudio learning environments, informal learning in the health context, developing learning objects and simulation environments, the use of intelligent agents, and augmented reality.
Thus, to define a learning scenario with specific learning objects that favors and maintains the learner's flow during educational activities, instructional designers need to have some understanding about the influence of these activities/objects in the affective state of a leaner.
Customised augmented reality learning objects would then be developed that support competency in performing those tasks.
Learning objects are elements of a new architecture, which provides the educational content in a dynamic manner.
This culture is a springboard for the OT profession to develop and disseminate OT-specific Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) and modules related to topics that are durable and germane to the profession, including, but not limited to, OT theories, Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, and assessment and evaluation measures.
The aim of the paper is to investigate, propose, and demonstrate examples of practical application of MCEQLS (Multiple Criteria Evaluation of the Quality of Learning Software) TFN (Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers) method for the expert evaluation of the quality and reusability of learning objects (LOs).
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