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A new nucleopolyhedrovirus from the oil-palm leaf-eater Euprosterna elaeasa (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae): preliminary characterization and field assessment in Peruvian plantation.
For example, over the millions of years that rats have been in the Philippines, the number of species on Luzon has increased from two to 13 in the earthworm specialist group and seven in the arboreal leaf-eater group (plus about five that arrived separately from Asia).
A variant square is created by replacing LEAD-EATER with LEAF-EATER (OED leaf, meaning IIIb).
At the Zoo, the red pandas receive their nutrition from an omnivore diet and leaf-eater chow.
The zoo uses animal chows that most people don't even know exist, like bear chow, monkey chow, elephant chow, and leaf-eater chow.
You have to be on guard against these voracious leaf-eaters as they will divest a tomato plant of half its leaves in no time at all.
It recounts the story of 4,000 species that have outlived the dinosaurs and conquered the farthest places on Earth, from the mouse-sized pioneers who lived alongside the dinosaurs, the insect eaters, the root raiders and seed stealers, and the leaf-eaters.
But Kanowski says a more insidious threat to the marsupials, which are all leaf-eaters, emanates from the very mechanism of global warming: rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.