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Mark I., late 20th-century U.S. laryngologist. See: Blom-Singer valve.
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After a bit of thought here is my line-up: Jimmy Page (pictured), ex-Led Zeppelin lead guitar; Jack Bruce, ex-Cream bass; Peter Green, ex Fleetwood Mac, guitar; Carl Palmer, ex-ELP, guitar; King Crimson drums and finally Paul Rogers, ex-Free and Bad Company lead vocals.
AXED3 Kyle & Fauve ROCK THIS WAY 3 Kian takes lead vocals with Bressie on drums last night
Alongside Brian on lead vocals and flute, the band, which performed in Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium last year, also includes Jim Faulkner in lead guitar; Andy Keegan on keyboards and vocals; Chris Watt on bass and vocals; and Neil Carter on drums, percussion and vocals.
He played with The Sight and Sound before joining ELO as bass player on the Eldorado tour, and continued to tour and record with the band from 1974 to 1983, establishing himself as a fan favourite by taking over lead vocals on some of the songs.
The girls are already fighting - not over who gets to sing lead vocals but on who has to stand next to Posh, and so will look fat in comparison.
Lead vocals were sung by Alf Carretta, aged 90, a relative youth compared with 100-year-old band mate Buster Martin, the bearded gent seen sticking his middle finger up rocker-style at the end of the video.
Molina performed lead vocals on Latin jazz and mambo artist Tito Puente's album Cuban Carnival, and Latin artist Hector Riviera's Lo Maximo album.
Love duets "Falling" and "Just in Time" would sound equally at home on radio or stage, and both showcase the couple's soaring voices and uncanny knack for seamlessly trading lead vocals and creating hand-in-glove harmonies.
Auf Wiedersehen Pet star Tim Healy, who's joining the Corrie cast, is so behind it he's agreed to do lead vocals.
Written with guitars, percussion, and lead vocals by Shad Weathersby, this delightful kid-friendly collection is especially great for playing at birthday parties and other kid-oriented celebrations and get-togethers.
Every individual member of the band contributes songs and sings lead vocals at some point, contributing to their refreshing perspective and unique sound in the current cookie-cutter world of punk rock.
It contains all the instrumentals and hooks, but Cool J's lead vocals are absent allowing children to be creative and express what they've learned.