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Mark I., late 20th-century U.S. laryngologist. See: Blom-Singer valve.
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Ex La's and Cast singer John Power provides the lead vocal for the song, which has a new poignant verse about the tragedy.
Songwriting and singing duties are now spread around - Howard, Jason and Mark all get their opportunity to shine in the limelight with a lead vocal...
There was never a dull moment thanks to the swapping of lead vocal duties and Tim's wacky dance moves, although they annoyingly kept talking over each other between songs.
There's the weedy, slightly self-pitying lead vocal, a tapdancing-in-the-rain middle eight and one of those squealing upper-register guitars which makes believe its 1974 again.
The live concert that pays tribute to the queen of soul, features lead vocals from Cleopatra Higgins, Tanya Edwards, Stacy Francis and Cleo Stewart accompanied by the Urban Soul Band and Gospel Choir.
The exceptions are the haunting While The City Sleeps, from 1965, and I Can't Let You Go, from 1966, featuring Bobby Smith on lead vocals. He also sings lead on She's Gonna Love Me At Midnight and Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music.
But Sawyer, who was born in Chickasaw, Alabama, in 1937, did take lead vocals on one early hit, 1972's Cover of the Rolling Stone.
It led to a deal with CBS Records and in 1972 they released their self-titled debut, with Sawyer and Locorriere sharing lead vocals.
The line up comprises Georgia (lead vocals, piano accordion, whistle, guitar and piano), Rowan Piggott (harmony vocals and fiddle) and Felix Miller (guitar).
Position: Lead vocals, lead dancer, sub rapper, maknae line
Comprising of Paul Jason Klein who performs lead vocals, keyboards, piano and guitar with Jake Clifford Goss on drums and sampling pad and Les Priest playing synthesizers, keyboards, guitar and backing vocals, they formed the group in March 2014 when Klein flew to Nashville to meet up with Goss and Priest.
The current band members are Carl Sentance (lead vocals), Jimmy Murrison (lead guitar), Lee Agnew (drums /vocals), Jimmy Murrison (lead guitar)