Lead Crystal

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Glass—e.g., decanters, wine glasses—with increased concentrations—up to 32%—of lead, which may leach into beverages and cause lead poisoning
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CL South 57, Huntley 46: Jonathan Holloway scored 14 points, Matt Reall and Ben Jenkins added 12 each and Jack Murphy 11 to lead Crystal Lake South (11-15, 8-8) to a Fox Valley Conference win.
Styles changed again after World War II and the factory turned to heavy colourless lead crystal shaped into figures and vessels.
While Orlina initially mined the green-toned hues of Asahi glass, he in time, with available resources, was able to work with other colored glass, in particular Swarovski lead crystal, with such subtle and exquisite tones as sapphire, amber, rose, blue, golden yellow and black.
Former Toon boss Alan Pardew may end up doing Newcastle a favour if he can lead Crystal Palace to victory over Norwich as it could cut the gap to just three points again, and United would have a game in hand.
The new experiment, led by Princeton physicist Ali Yazdani, used a zigzag-shaped wire of iron atoms placed atop a chilled lead crystal.
QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 For starters 8 Fur 9 Oar 11 Leaflet 12 Nudge 13 Ill 14 Eel 15 On board 17 Tar 19 Epic 21 Alec 23 Line 25 Type 27 Was 29 Operate 31 Ice 34 Age 36 Rodeo 37 Classic 38 Log 39 Irk 40 Lead crystal DOWN: 1 Fuel 2 Oral 3 Silence 4 Action 5 Tenor 6 Rode 7 Sage 8 Flirt 10 Relic 16 Den 18 Rap 20 Pew 22 Leo 24 In tears 25 Twirl 26 Grocer 28 Speck 30 Proud 32 Cool 33 Edge 34 Asia 35 Girl.
They, along with many artefacts like window glass, bottles, phials, lenses, tiles, and cut lead crystal have been discovered at what is now Stourbridge Glasshouse College.
For example, imports of cheap lead crystal drinking glasses from a non-WTO member are assessed a 60% ad valorem rate (based on the value of the product) versus a 15% rate for a WTO member.
WILFRIED ZAHA can lead Crystal Palace into the Premier League before making his big move to Manchester United.
The current management team of Crystal Financial has committed to lead Crystal Financial going forward and will also make a meaningful investment as part of the transaction.
uk This spiral decorated clear flute is made with 24 per cent lead crystal and is unbelievable value at just PS8, reduced from PS16.
The model features 21-inch alloy wheels, a Diamond Quilted leather trim cabin with driver-selectable, sports-tuned suspension and steering, a large, tilt-opening, tinted glass sunroof and an electrically operated bottle cooler, complete with hand-blown and hand-cut lead crystal champagne flutes.