Harry H., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: LeVeen shunt.
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Assistance with identifications was provided by Greg Hodges and Eric Leveen (Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry).
8] reported chylothorax secondary to obstruction of the superior vena cava: a complication of the LeVeen shunt.
Honey Leveen, another veteran LTCI specialist on the panel, said she thinks the industry is getting over past pricing concerns.
Honey Leveen, LUTCF, CLTC, LTCP, in Houston, has received numerous calls from policy owners whose agents are no longer in the business.
Honey Leveen, a Houston LTCI specialist, says even younger LTC planning clients tend to be in their 50s.
The tract was dilated with a high-pressure NephroMax (Boston Scientific, Natick, MA) balloon dilator using a LeVeen inflator (Boston Scientific, Natick, MA) and a 30 French Amplatz sheath (Cook Medical, Bloomington, IN) placed over the inflated NephroMax under fluoroscopic guidance.
For Lois Leveen, the Civil War was never a subject of interest.
Small bowel obstruction caused by the abdominal cocoon syndrome: possible association with LeVeen shunt.
Honey Leveen explores the rising phenomenon of clients who have purchased LTCI but then refuse to use it.
Leveen used what he called "radiofrequency thermotherapy" to treat many cases of advanced cancer.
Francisco Felix, 32, of Leveen, AZ, was in Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center prepped and ready to receive a liver that had been donated to him on November 15.