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LeShan (l·sän),

n.pr healing technique developed by Lawrence Le Shan based on the belief that every individual has an innate ability to heal and that a “flow process” takes place once the healer reaches a certain state of consciousness.
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It could get worse in five to 10 years," agrees Leshan.
Li Shihong, Vice Chairman of China National Tourism Administration, said; "the Expo will surely surpass those before and achieve innovative development," while Kevin B Murphy, Chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) commented, "Inbound tourism development in China, Sichuan and Leshan has great potential, and many unknown tourist attractions are to be developed.
Lawrence LeShan was awarded a grant to determine whether the paranormal should be taken seriously.
Monkswood II could only manage 81 all out in their reply as Leshan Ugalla took 4-17, Suraj Krishnan 3-12 and Jumaid 2-22.
Mengling Shui was born in Leshan city in Sichuan province in January 1988.
The tremors were also felt in Leshan city in Sichuan province, the agency quoted a local resident as saying.
But a few months later, there appeared in The New Yorker: "China Journal," miraculous new poems from the Great Wall, the Jialing River (where the poet was "speechless from daybreak till now"), Leshan, and Xi'an.
On June 29, 2011, Father Paul Lei Shiyin of Leshan, Sichuan, was ordained bishop without papal approval.
LeShan studied Revici's cancer patients into the early 1960s.
The Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy quoted its sources as saying the sentry was standing guard at the headquarters of the 149th division of the Chengdu Military Region in Leshan city on Thursday when the incident occurred.
Psychologist, educator, and author Lawrence LeShan skillfully presents complex theoretical concepts in the clearest possible language, in this welcome contribution to new age studies shelves.
LeShan (1982) says health is a whole-person phenomenon and healing is a process of the person's total life.