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Edgar August, early 20th-century French physician. See: Fiessinger-Leroy-Reiter syndrome.
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Two of them, Le Roy and Ross, after fighting desperately, were captured by the savages; the remaining two vaulted into their saddles and saved themselves by headlong flight, being pursued for nearly thirty miles.
These domestic instincts, when thus tested by crossing, resemble natural instincts, which in a like manner become curiously blended together, and for a long period exhibit traces of the instincts of either parent: for example, Le Roy describes a dog, whose great-grandfather was a wolf, and this dog showed a trace of its wild parentage only in one way, by not coming in a straight line to his master when called.
But even small amounts, such as one glass of red wine every week, shows a benefit," said study first author Caroline Le Roy. She's a research associate in the department of twin research and genetic epidemiology at King's College London.
The duo would then move to, and enjoy a season-long stint before a first-ever opportunity to work outside the country presented itself.It came in the form as assistant coach to Claude Le Roy at the Oman national team.
Similar to John Porcellino's graphic novel Thoreau at Walden, Le Roy begins with Thoreau at Walden Pond, living a simple life as a writer and farmer.
The appointment came following the resignation of the French diplomat Alain Le Roy, currently holding the post, for personal reasons.
Summary: You enter the Beirut Art Center's central gallery, bound for an interview with Xavier Le Roy, the artist whose work is presently on show here.
The new Secretary General of the European External Action Service, Alain Le Roy, told Fatmir Besimi, the Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, in Brussels on Wednesday that the EU was ready to mediate the negotiations between SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, in the beginning, with the three MEPs, Ivo Vajgl, Richard Howitt, and Eduard Kukan, and later, if necessary, with top EU officials.
CAPTION: Left: Images on this postcard, which was mailed in 1915, show "farm boys" converted to soldiers destined for the battlefields of World War I, and a 13-year-old back on the farm, plowing with a Le Roy plow.