Le Chatelier

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Le Cha·te·li·er

(lĕ chah-tel-ē-ā'),
Henri, French physical chemist, 1850-1936. See: Le Chatelier law, Le Chatelier principle.
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The IFS system will give us real-time reports for all our business processes, not only for financial reporting but also inventory management and customer management, says Le Chatelier.
The estimated long-run cross-price elasticities involving a domestic input and imports are all significantly greater than those for the short run, consistent with the Le Chatelier principle.
All the short-run elasticity estimates were consistent with the Le Chatelier principle except for the cross-price elasticities involving only capital and labor, [[member of].
We need to go further to care for the refined beauty of these complex fabrics," said Le Chatelier, who explained how textile research is expanding the roles of designers, as curiosity grows about fabric, shaping garments, printing on them directly, and re-thinking seam edges.
A panel discussion, moderated by Kolb of CFDA, which included panelists, Alex Keith, P&G Fabric Care North America VP and GM; Drew Child, director of technology specialty fabrics division, Milliken Sr Company; Le Chatelier of Premiere Vision; Deacon; and Sandra Markus, a professor in the fashion design department at Fashion Institute of Technology, shined a light on the need to keep the care equation in clothes.
Therefore, the Le Chatelier experiment was made to study expansion, and it was below the standard value of 10 mm.