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, lazaretto (laz'ă-ret, -ret'ō), Obsolete term for:
1. A hospital for the treatment of contagious diseases.
2. A place of detention for people in quarantine.
[It. lazzaretto, fr. lazzaro, a leper]


(lăz′ə-rĕt′ō) also




n. pl. lazaret·tos also laza·rets or laza·rettes
1. A hospital treating contagious diseases.
2. A building or ship used as a quarantine station.
3. often lazarette A storage space below deck or between decks on a ship or boat.


(1) Leprosarium. 
(2) A hospital for infectious disease(s). 
(3) A quarantine site.
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On Thursday, a memorial erected outside the Glendale Police Department - with bronze plaques honoring the four officers who have died in the line of duty in the city's 100-year history - now gives the family a place to honor Officer Charles Andrew Lazzaretto.
Il rovello doloroso di Renzo, in cerca di Lucia nel lazzaretto, la fiducia angosciata dai possibile mancato ricongiungimento e interloquita dall'anziano frate, col fremito di una retorica cristiana del sublime e della giustizia:
At the base of the monument are bronze plaques with the likenesses of Lazzaretto and fallen Glendale officers John Isaacson, killed in 1972, Charles Whitney Smith, killed in 1915, and Leslie O.
There is no practical cap in that document,'' Lazzaretto said.
We found the document is fatally flawed and has problems that are systemic and pervasive,'' said consultant Andrew Lazzaretto, former Burbank city manager.
Lazzaretto Memorial Freeway'' was unveiled by his two sons, Andrew and Matthew, as dozens of community members and leaders applauded.
The suspect, Israel Gonzalez, shot Lazzaretto and his partner, who managed to escape and get help.
During his career, the veteran officer said of the 11 murder cases he has worked, 60 percent have been domestic violence-related, including the deaths of Turan Avanesian and her six children, and the shooting death of his friend and fellow officer, Charles Lazzaretto.
Davey told Officer Charles Lazzaretto and Glendale investigator Art Frank he had not seen Gonzalez all night even though he had spoken to the suspect 10 minutes earlier and knew he was hiding in the spacious Chatsworth warehouse.
The first lap of the event is always walked and is called the Lazzaretto Lap, in honor of Glendale Detective Charles Lazzaretto.
The LAPD officers will be recognized as some of the ``top cops'' in the nation for attempting to protect Glendale Police Investigator Charles Lazzaretto in a warehouse shootout in Chatsworth.
The gunman killed Glendale Detective Charles Lazzaretto - the first officer from his city slain in the line of duty in 25 years.