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the brother of Martha and Mary who was raised from the dead in the New Testament of the Bible.
Lazarus complex - psychological sequence observed in survivors of cardiac arrest. Synonym(s): Lazarus syndrome
Lazarus sign - spontaneous movement in patients who are brain dead or who have suffered spinal cord injury.
Lazarus syndrome - Synonym(s): Lazarus complex
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For more information on Jeff Lazarus and Dogtology or to book Lazarus, please contact Darcie Rowan PR, 347-407-0942 or e-mail.
Hilton Worldwide has kept its F&B department on its toes in the region with vice president of food and beverage Simon Lazarus working on launching two of the group's luxury brands in the UAE, along with the refurbishment and reformatting of existing venues, and keeping an eye on its competitors.
Lazarus always thought his dad would be just fiddling with clocks, but he finds that he doesn't.
CAMPBELL, California, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Lazarus Effect, a medical device company focused on improving treatment of acute ischemic stroke through effective removal of the blood clots that cause a stroke, announced today that the Lazarus ReCover (TM) Thrombectomy Device has received CE Mark.
In the next chapter of John's Gospel, Lazarus sups with Jesus, Jews come to look at him, the chief priests plan to kill him and he remains corporal evidence of the miracle.
Lazarus Day, a holiday intimately connected with Easter and having an important place in Bulgarian folklore beliefs.
Lazarus has more than 20 years of experience in health care practice and administration.
The Lazarus store also launches new technologies and services never before tried by Federated, and in particular, strives to attract younger customers, where department stores have lost major market share.
ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON IN late June, Shelly Lazarus I headed west from midtown Manhattan to the Paramus, NJ, offices of AT&T Wireless, the newly independent offspring of AT&T Corp.
The raising to life of Lazarus becomes, for Cote, a metaphor for raising the imagination to pride of place among the mental faculties to the extent that it supposedly becomes our "natural inborn faculty for transcendence.
It's an isolation which is very hard to overcome because we are in crisis and survival mode all the time," says Joan Lazarus, Executive Director of Dance/Art, Inc.
Ed Lazarus, of Lazarus Strategic Services, reported to the Board of Governors last month that when the Bar and lawyers talk about the importance of an independent judiciary, most of the public isn't getting the message.