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the brother of Martha and Mary who was raised from the dead in the New Testament of the Bible.
Lazarus complex - psychological sequence observed in survivors of cardiac arrest. Synonym(s): Lazarus syndrome
Lazarus sign - spontaneous movement in patients who are brain dead or who have suffered spinal cord injury.
Lazarus syndrome - Synonym(s): Lazarus complex
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Emma Lazarus was no revolutionary, nor was she a socialist; her misgivings about "communistic" regimes survived her enthusiasm for both Henry George and William Mortis [famous socialist writers of the period].
In Mr Baker's story, Ms Lazarus is quoted as saying: "I think he is a young lad, a hoodie.
Chapters one and two provide an overview of the unstable and sometimes outdated conditions of secondary school theatre education in America, and Lazarus explains the concept of learner-centred practice in detail.
Lazarus at a reception recently to open the exhibit.
Wynn, 36, of Catrine, and Mark, 37, and Natalie Lazarus, 36, both of Dunure, earlier denied all charges at the town's sheriff court.
Scudder recognized the gifts that Hilda Lazarus could bring to the cause of Christian medical education in India.
I strongly feel this was a group award deserved by everyone who has supported me in all my volunteer efforts," says Lazarus.
Lazarus, the law student who discovered the Ohio loophole, says he has no political agenda, but "the law does have unintended consequences.
Lazarus is summoned forth from the tomb, a foreshadowing of Jesus' own steps from death into life.
The raising to life of Lazarus becomes, for Cote, a metaphor for raising the imagination to pride of place among the mental faculties to the extent that it supposedly becomes our "natural inborn faculty for transcendence.
The poem gives way to the argument that between Lazarus and Karshish, first, and Karshish and Abid later the deed of Lazarus' resurrection gives way to creative tensions in regard to what the latter in each pair feels with his heart and understands with his mind.