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Alfred E., German psychiatrist, 1865-1943. See: Hoche bundle, Hoche tract.
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24, KITCHEN | Street is the venue for Statk's first birthday party tomorrow and it brings an appearance from Parisian Charlie Naffah, better known as Lazare Hoche and the man behind Lazare Hoche Records and Oscillat Music.
Led by General Lazare Hoche, the French devised a three-pronged attack on Britain in support of Irish Republicans under Wolfe Tone.
Ireland was still sufficiently central to French strategic thinking to enable Tone to meet Bonaparte on three occasions towards the end of 1797, when he pressed the case for an invasion, but that aspiration and Tone's influence were dealt an irreparable blow by the death in September of Lazare Hoche. Tone found himself increasingly peripheral to the main course of events thereafter, for while he acquitted himself dutifully of his responsibilities as a soldier, and continued to believe in the necessity of a French invasion, there is no masking the fact that his and Ireland's moment had passed.
Further, Fife makes no mention of the Republican General Lazare Hoche, commander of the Army of the Coasts of Cherbourg, who negotiated an honorable peace with Francois Charette, the Vendee rebel leader.