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The act or intent (i.e., mens rea) of violating or breaking the law, or helping others to. Crimes are offences against society which may be punished by the state.
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Q. Does anyone have information on Bipolar "blackouts" or know what they're really called? My boyfriend is bipolar and experienced a blackout a few weeks ago during which he did something completely out of character. A crime was committed and he has since been arrested. He's having trouble coping as he has no memory of the crime. He was on Wellbuterin and a doctor prescribed steroids and vicodin for a crushed disc. The chemicals may have led him into this blackout. He is a wonderful loving person and is now facing a life sentence for this terrible thing that happened that he had no conscious control over. They will not continue his medications in jail and he is not receiving mental or medical treatment. Is there anyone out there that can help me find some answers?

A. i never heard of such thing. but there are strange results sometimes from mixing drugs that affect the central nervous system. here is for instance a web page talking about interactions between Vicodin and Wellbutrin.

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More than anything else, the 237-page account of not-so-daring lawbreaking illustrates what can happen when a book deal is signed before one word of the manuscript is written.
The scenes of the undertakers' ball and Cathy's saloon are filmed with a particular recourse to funk that reproduces Black culture in the tradition of lawbreaking.
During the sitting chaired by Speaker Yahya al Ra'e, the council urged the government to assume its constitutional responsibility, firmly face criminal acts and lawbreaking, impose the rule of law and preserve the pubic security and properties.
WHEN faced with lawbreaking or an injustice, you can be torn between keeping silent or speaking out.
SO, are our labour Leaders actually going to claim that even though the donations broke the law, because they were unaware of the lawbreaking they should face no action ?
Desperate to rid herself of this lawbreaking cuckoo in her nest, Donna has turned to Zak - who's so vexed by Eli's un-Dingle-like behaviour he actually takes his hat off.
Mrs Gordon ought to know that it is an offence to obstruct the footway, (in the days when we had policemen patrolling our streets, they would have warned of this lawbreaking).
The council's proposal to legalise them for 18 hours a day simply rewards lawbreaking.
In 2002, Moffitt and her colleagues first reported elevated rates of violence and lawbreaking among people with the weak-MAOA gene who had been abused as children.
Just continue with your lawbreaking, And we can guarantee, A ride in a police car, And a lack of liberty.' But Mr Williams claims his girlfriend thought the card was from a rival and threw an ashtray at him.
What in these companies' corporate cultures permitted such casual and routine lawbreaking? These are not questions Eichenwald explores.