Lavandula stoechas

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Lavandula stoechas,

n See lavender.
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Ademas, los tipos Lavandula stoechas, Crataegus monogyna e Hypecoum imberbe, que rebasaron el 2% de representacion media, Erica arborea, Lotus creticus, Prunus spinosa, Rubus ulmifolius y las formas Lilium sp.
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Allocation of reproductive resources within and among inflorescences of Lavandula stoechas (Lamiaceae).
Ethnopharmacological evaluation of the anticonvulsant, sedative and antispasmodic activities of Lavandula stoechas L.
Triterpenoids of the roots of Lavandula stoechas ssp.
Blooming dates of individual inflorescences and plants as determinants of flower and fruit predation in Lavandula stoechas (Lamiaceae).
For a real eye-catcher, plant Lavandula stoechas, called French lavender though it comes from Spain and Portugal.
The floristic composition is characterized by the dominance of the endemic Genista tyrrhena, by the presence of Erica multiflora and of several species of the order Lavanduletalia stoechadis and the class Cisto-Lavanduletea, like Cistus salviifolius, Lavandula stoechas and Cistus monspeliensis.
A particular subassociation of the Erico multiflorae-Genistetum tyrrhenae and a variant, can be distinguished for Ponza, namely the subassociation lavanduletosum stoechadis with Lavandula stoechas, Ampelodesmos mauritanicus and Hyparrhenia hirta, which is a bush-garrigue facing areas recently run through by fire, and the variant with Erica arborea, Pulicaria odora and Quercus ilex, a more advanced stage towards the Erico-Quercetum ilicis.