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Johann F., German pharmacologist, 1798-1873. See: Laurer canal.
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Ovary with smooth or slightly wavy edges, located to the right of acetabulum, immediately anterior to right testis, the oviduct emerges on mid lateral side of ovary, it enlarges immediately to form ootype, surrounded by Mehlis glands, which later forms a small seminal receptacle and Laurer's canal.
In August 1899, a reviewer for the Critic accused Wharton of "plagiarism, or unconscious adaptation," finding in her work a reliance on James "in very substance, even in titular phrase" (quoted in Tuttleton, Laurer, and Murray 1992, x).
Compound Species [alpha]-Collatolic acid Lecanora atra (Hudson) Acharius Epiphorellic acid Comicularia epiphorella (Nyl.) Du Rietz Lobaric acid Stereocaulon alpinum Laurer ex Funck Perlatolic acid Stereocaulon sp.
(58.) Lenzlinger PM, Morganti-Kossmann MC, Laurer HL, McIntosh TK.
Collema undulatum Laurer ex Flot.--14: BM (SALA-L 4807), Jc.
pulverulenta (Braun, 1901) Skrjabin, 1924 in Anseriformes and presented some previously undescribed features including presence of Laurer's canal and prostate gland cells.
Instead of using risk factors to screen for cardiovascular disease, some are advocating the routine use of imaging technology, says Laurer. Laurer, however, is concerned that imaging screening will lead to overdiagnosis.
(41.) See generally Robert Laurer, Joint Operations Training, 39 THE EASTWIND 22, 22 (2010) (discussing attorneys involvement in decision to go forward with Joint Operations Training).
An X-rated DVD, titled 'Backdoor to Chyna', has been already released by the muscle-bound star, whose real name is Joan Laurer.
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