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John Zachariah, British ophthalmologist, 1830-1874. See: Laurence-Moon syndrome.
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LIFE-CHANGING: Frank Aldous NEW FAMILY: Laurence and Frank with the family TOGETHER AT LAST: Laurence Hampson reunited with his father, Frank Aldous, after 62 years apart.
Join Laurence on Saturday October 25 as he explores stereotypes and asks them "Am I really evil?
LOVED-UP luvvie Laurence Fox will definitely have a happy New Year as he sees in 2018 with new girlfriend Lilah Parsons.
Her son Laurence Jackson, 54, paid for her to be laid to rest - giving him full control over the funeral arrangements.
Laurence Whiteley and his partner Lauren Rowles struck gold in Rio last month, winning the mixed trunk and arm double sculls rowing.
Synopsis: Laurence Oliphant (3 August 1829-23 December 1888) lived one of the most remarkable lives of the Victorian era, dedicated to making a real difference for his fellow man--sometimes in very unconventional ways.
As Jonathan Laurence observes in the preface to The Emancipation of Europe's Muslims, calling attention to the extent of European governments' efforts to institutionally incorporate Muslims might seem Pollyannaish in a time of rising Islamophobia across the continent.
Secret Garden, an adult colouring book by Johanna Basford published by Laurence King Publishing has achieved sales of 3 million copies in China since it was released in the country on 1 June 2015, The Bookseller literary news company revealed on Thursday.
Yet the life of his son, Quaker engineer Laurence, is less widely known despite the fact that it was choc-a-block full of adventure and achievements, including during World War One.
Now, a book has revealed new insights and never before seen images of Laurence Cadbury, the son of philanthropist George Cadbury, founder of the Bournville Village Trust.
He feels FAMILY: Billie, Winston and Laurence that he's under attack from Innocent, while Lewis is niggling away at him so much that they nearly have a massive falling out.