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John Zachariah, British ophthalmologist, 1830-1874. See: Laurence-Moon syndrome.
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Laurence lives over his mother's flower shop, smokes his own homegrown weed, and is frequently on the prowl.
ACTOR Laurence Fox gave the show's royal adviser a headache by sneaking in impromptu kisses for his on-screen wife.
AS REASONS for wanting to be a DJ go, Laurence Guy's answer might be one of the most honest I have ever come across: "I just thought it seemed cool."
Laurence in a quarterfinal matchup at the Jack Tosh Christmas Tournament at York.
Laurence Perry, aged 78, of Westfield Drive in Wistaston discovered in mid-August that 25 of his gnomes had been either smashed or stolen from his garden and land at the front of his property.
To inspire his children to be makers (and not just consumers), Dubai-based dad Laurence Fauchelle has designed a paper sculpture in his free time that is the world's largest and most complex paper marble run.
THE journey from Laurence Winstanley's local pub to his mum's house would normally take him just a few minutes.
Cpl Tim Laurence captured the amazing image while flying an RAF Hawk T2, from IV Squadron over North Wales.
You don't have to use a wine saver...the cork will do.' Laurence Odfjell had just proposed a most interesting experiment with his wines.
The squad (school in brackets) Junior girls: Katie Lowe (Laurence Jackson School), Lois Creasey (Macmillan Academy), Imogen Lillie (All Saints), Emily Brown (Laurence Jackson School), Anna Reeves (Yarm School), Sophie Brining (Yarm School), Peta Collins (Teesside High School), Essie Croce (St Peters School).
LOVED-UP luvvie Laurence Fox will definitely have a happy New Year as he sees in 2018 with new girlfriend Lilah Parsons.