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Johann F., German pharmacologist, 1798-1873. See: Laurer canal.
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Best friend Louise Creevy, 28, says Laura was lucky she didn't lose her baby in the smash.
Laura was a reliable advocate and trustworthy friend to her more junior colleagues, and she especially looked out for the other women on the faculty.
Er bod pawb yn gytn mai Laura oedd yr un 'r weledigaeth fawr, fe adawodd hi i Bernard feddwl mai ef oedd y bos.
Laura bought me a special tree so we are going to decorate that they way she would have wanted.
Jason tells Laura that the Lolly I Legs is just for eating and that her job is to fatten him up for one big party salad
Laura considered herself too young to make a will and always assumed that, if the worst did happen, all her assets - including the company shares - would pass to husband Christian.
estimates more than half a billion dollars of Laura Ashley home textiles products have been sold over the nearly three decades the brand has been around.
Pendragon chairman Kevin Puckering said: "We've known about the Laura Crane Trust for some time and we do whatever we can to help local charities like this.
Early on in the show Laura, nicknamed Wangers, was the bookies' favourite, but her odds have been lengthening in recent weeks.