Pierre E., French physician, 1856-1914. See: Launois-Cléret syndrome, Launois-Bensaude syndrome.
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Leon Launois Champagne Magnum Look like a big spender without going mad with Aldi's magnum (that's 1.
Fue descrita en 1846 por Sir Benjamin Brodie y posteriormente en 1888 Otto Madelung y en 1898 Launois y Bensaude presentaron dos series de 33 y 65 casos respectivamente.
Launois S, Bizec JL, Whitelaw WA, Cabane J, Derenne JP.
Launois reported that silver nanoparticles could improve the safety of the world's food supply, according to a research project at Iowa State University in the United States of America[49].
We find the old man with his animal impressions on one of these stops, at the Relais de Poste aux Chevaux in Launois sur Vence.
El test GARCH, utilizado por Savickas (2003) y el del modelo de mercado en dos estados (TSMM), propuesto por Cousin y de Launois (2006) y recomendado por Aktas et al.
My tour began at Launois Pere et Fils, at Le-Mesnil-Sur-Oger (tel: 03.
Explaining the reason why France is investigating on nuclear science, Launois says that we do not want to be dependent on America, and know that we can't go through our plans if it does not please them".
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