Pierre E., French physician, 1856-1914. See: Launois-Cléret syndrome, Launois-Bensaude syndrome.
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Firm slice: repair of the wearing course of the oncourt road from the crossing to the garrett roundabout (including the roundabout) at thaon les vosges; pse 1: oncourt road: repair of the parking lot along the garett company in thaon les vosges; tranche ferme: sidewalk repair rue de bautney in oncourt; firm edge: lowering of sidewalks to the right of pedestrian crossings for people with reduced mobility (according to the site plan attached to the file); firm section: repair of the allee du launois in girmont; optional slice 1: repair of the wearing course of the oncourt road between the 2 roundabouts and ovoid roundabout at thaon les vosges; option 2: rehabilitation of the wearing course of the oncourt road from the ovoid roundabout towards the rn57 bridge at thaon les vosges
Por otra parte, la capsula fibrosa perivascular ("vaina de Glisson") rodea, en conjunto, a la arteria hepatica propia, la vena porta y el conducto coledoco y continua como capa fibrosa; de modo tal, que los pediculos seccionales derechos del higado son accesibles quirurgicamente en el hilio por medio de un acceso glissoniano intrahepatico posterior (Launois et al., 1999).
"This capability allows for chemical modification of the resin during the printing process, which results in more homogenous material structures and stronger components," stated Pascal Launois, lead design engineer for Nypro.
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Leon Launois Champagne Magnum Look like a big spender without going mad with Aldi's magnum (that's 1.5 litres) of champagne priced at only PS29.99.
Fue descrita en 1846 por Sir Benjamin Brodie y posteriormente en 1888 Otto Madelung y en 1898 Launois y Bensaude presentaron dos series de 33 y 65 casos respectivamente.