Jean B.P.N.R., French surgeon, 1749-1818. See: Laumonier ganglion.
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Un ejemplo de dichas producciones son las festividades vinculadas con la nacionalidad y la pertenencia etnica que llevan a cabo estos grupos, que tambien han sido relevadas y analizadas por investigadores sociales como Laumonier, Rocca y Smolesnky (1983), Santillo (1999), Sassone (2007a y 2007b), Giorgis (2004), Grimson (2000), entre otros.
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In their early studies on human forgiveness, Mullet, Houdbine, Laumonier, and Girard (1998) considered two questions: what is the averaged level of willingness to forgive?
Some researchers have found that people appear generally to become more forgiving as they age (Enright, Santos, and Al- Mabuk, 1989; Girard and Mullet, 1997; Mullet and Girard 2000; Mullet, Houdbine, Laumonier, and Girard, 1998; Subkoviak.
2002), and ITSUMO (Bazzan, Oliveira, and Silva 2010) to investigate issues that are well related to multiagent system such as multiagent learning (Bazzan 2009; Desjardins, Laumonier, and Chaibdraa 2009).
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Alcan Packaging Food Europe is proud to have received yet another award for this inspired solution, which highlights our leadership in flexible packaging innovation" says Thibault Laumonier, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Alcan Packaging Food Europe