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Stanislas, French surgeon, 1799-1872. See: Laugier hernia.
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Those, who watched this film directed by Pascal Laugier, were scared for days after they finished watching it.
LOVELL Anne M" Stefania PANDOLFO, Veena DAS et Sandra LAUGIER, 2013, Face aux desastres.
Klinik ozellikleri ve anamnez sorgulamasinda sistemik anormallik saptanmamasi nedeniyle hasta Laugier Hunziker Sendromu tanisini aldi.
For Soane, the prophet who gave natural, if not divine, authority to these divisions was the ex-Jesuit Abbe Laugier, whose Essay on Architecture appeared the year Soane was born.
The volume includes work on poets who are now widely read, among them Aime Cesaire (Jean Khalfa), Jacques Dupin (Mary Ann Caws), Philippe Jaccottet (Steven Winspur), and Jacques Reda (Hugh Hochman), but it will also introduce readers who are less familiar with the field to a great many striking newer voices; Vannina Maestri (Jerome Game), Emmanuel Laugier (Anne-Christine Royere), and Pierre Alferi (Michael Kelly) are just a few of those who could be cited.
The second essay by Sandra Laugier expands upon Norris' introduction through an examination of Wittgenstein's similar understanding of the political undertones of ordinary language philosophy.
Pese a la autentica atmosfera de miedo que Pascal Laugier, guionista y realizador, recrea en El convento con sus murmullos y agitacion de puertas y ventanas, tormentas y pasadizos secretos, la tension se pierde mientras la camara sigue el ritmo de las acciones "naturales" de Anna (Virginie Ledoyen).
Pretende con ello contextualizar las teorias del padre Andre o, lo que es lo mismo, ponerlas en correlacion con las obras de Crousaz, Hutcheson, Diderot, Laugier y Sulzer.
Told with Brookner's familiar eloquence, Incidents in the Rue Laugier quietly engages and moves its reader; it belongs in the ranks of the century's best mother-daughter fiction.
In fact, he was Dr Alexandre-Louis Laugier (1719-74), a physician to the imperial court; a study of his life is therefore worthy of interest.