crystal structure

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crys·tal struc·ture

the arrangement in space and the interatomic distances and angles of the atoms in crystals, usually determined by x-ray diffraction measurements.
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Figure 6 illustrates the diamond sample reinforced by a Ti6Al4V lattice structure. The modelling of the impact of the Si[O.sub.2] abrasive particle with a diameter of 2 mm, trapped between the wheel and the sample, is depicted in Fig.
Heavy load The lattice structure was loaded on to a waiting truck
More and more carbon atoms attach onto the lattice structure until billions of atoms have lined up in the correct configuration, and a sizable diamond has formed.
"You can design the lattice structure to be less stiff than solid titanium so it's a closer match to the modulus of bone.
The lattice structure marked as "Rhombic" does not respect the general rules of MAM and is therefore not self- supported.
"If you reconfigure the lattice structure in such a manner, you will change the wave propagation characteristics significantly."
Sefton Council rejected the plans, saying that: "The proposed mast by virtue of its height and lattice structure design would form an overly dominant and incongruous feature in the street scene.
However, a seemingly forgotten higher value is their function as excellent stabilizers due to their unique colloidal lathe-shaped particles forming a lattice structure. This keeps liquids and particles more evenly dispersed and suspended, generating important benefits well beyond rheological properties.
All the bulk samples have variable quantities of gold, silver and base metals as evident by bulk sample analysis for gold, silver and base metals concentration.The ore microscopy and SEM-EDXstudy of Astor area reflects copper and lead mineralization witheconomic concentration of Au in lattice structure of Cu and Pb bearing phases associated with quartz veins and their alteration products.
Over the past decade, scientists have been highly interested in creating, investigating and attempting to manipulate the unusual properties of "artificial spin ices," so-called because the spins have a lattice structure that follows the proton positioning ordering found in water ice.
The "Knotted Grotto" is a dome-shaped latticework frame that stands about 10 feet high with an approximately 20-foot circumference and features tens of thousands of white ribbons knotted into a lattice structure.
In answer to some of these questions, the chemical composition of a wax starts in an ordered molecular orientation prior to melting in what is often referred to as a lattice structure. This lattice structure is one of the reasons why waxes crystalize in a reproducible fashion when they are heated and cooled.