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Lipid Assessment Trial in an Italian Network. A trial designed to assess the variation in total serum cholesterol during the course of MI with respect to infarct size and C-reactive protein level
Conclusion Variations in total serum cholesterol were more pronounced in patients with larger infarcts
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"I know what Latin is very well," said Maggie, confidently, "Latin's a language.
"Oh, it's the Latin for a good scolding," said Tom, not without some pride in his knowledge.
Maggie found the Latin Grammar quite soothing after her mathematical mortification; for she delighted in new words, and quickly found that there was an English Key at the end, which would make her very wise about Latin, at slight expense.
" exclaimed Tom, with a derisive laugh, for Tom had learned this omitted passage for his yesterday's lesson, and a young gentleman does not require an intimate or extensive acquaintance with Latin before he can feel the pitiable absurdity of a false quantity.
I told you girls couldn't learn Latin. It's Nomen non crescens genitivo ."
The only men who know their Latin are the apothecaries, the lawyers, and the Latin professors.
He knows more now about the world, and life, and man's place, and all the rest, than Arthur, or Norman, or I, or you, too, for that matter, and in spite of all our Latin, and French, and Saxon, and culture."
Well, tra la, and if you tackle Latin, Martin, I won't have any respect for you."
He was alive, painfully alive, to the great universal things, and yet he was compelled to potter and grope among schoolboy topics and debate whether or not he should study Latin.
"Done!" echoed Polly; and then they heard each other recite till both were perfect "That 's pretty good fun," said Tom, joyfully, tossing poor Harkness away, and feeling that the pleasant excitement of companionship could lend a charm even to Latin Grammar.
"You may have another go at it any, time you like," generously remarked Tom, as he shied the algebra after the Latin Reader.
You shall try and make me like algebra, and I 'll try and make you like Latin, will you?"