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Conclusion Variations in total serum cholesterol were more pronounced in patients with larger infarcts
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So they did what Spanish Latinists did when they were failing in competition with Nahua (Aztec) Latin tutors in sixteenth-century Mexico City: since they could not outperform their more skillful indigenous competitors, they pursued the strategy of eventually eliminating them by legal means and social sanction.
Latinists will remember the useful word nonne, which introduces questions expecting the answer "yes." English can use the word "surely" to achieve a similar semantic nuance ("Surely you don't believe that?"); and, as the example from the BBC shows, English can play it both ways simply by supplying a suitably discouraging verbal context.
(2) The need to reevaluate the function of ritual descriptions in literary texts has long been recognized by Hellenists and, increasingly, by Latinists. (3) Since it "both represents and at the same time constructs an ideal reality," (4) ritual is a commentary in itself, which an author in turn takes up and transforms into a new experience subject to further interpretation.
Following the recent release of a new, one-volume edition of the dictionary of contemporay Latin titled Lexicon Recentis Latinitas, the Vatican panel of five Latinists is now busily working on keeping up with all kinds of new phrases used in conversation these days.
No book could be published without the consent of a committee of diehard Latinists, including Cardinal Wolsey.
(The unseemly lust for change ...) was a put-down, well-understood as such by Latinists of the time, of which Leo XIII was a paragon.
But their fame has not survived like that of the Aeneid, and the so-called "Silver Latin epic" has been seen for many generations as an eccentric taste even for professional Latinists. Indeed Lucan's epic is an extreme case, since both the Aeneid and Thebaid are set in the heroic period of myth, whereas Lucan's narrative dealt with recent history which was still politically dangerous material.
Rafael Landivar y Caballero, born in Guatemala in 1731, was an important member of a select group of Mexican Jesuit Latinists and humanists, which included such eminent figures as Francisco Javier Alegre, Diego Jose Abad, Francisco Javier Clavijero, and Jose Rafael Campoy, who distinguished themselves as teachers, historians, theologians, philosophers, and men of letters.
This may seem a churlish response to such bravura scholarship, but it is surely surprising that West never broaches the question of how, if at all, his material might affect our interpretation of Greek literature, even though he unwisely endorses the misconceived claim that Hellenists need to know about West Asiatic literature in the same way that Latinists need to know Greek (xi).
Lawyers, diplomatists, latinists, students of neighbouring vernaculars - all of these will have legitimate interests within the Old English canon.
or Grammaticall Order' and the more refined `Artificiall or Rhetoricall Order' which was used by `the purest Latinists'.