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Lipid Assessment Trial in an Italian Network. A trial designed to assess the variation in total serum cholesterol during the course of MI with respect to infarct size and C-reactive protein level
Conclusion Variations in total serum cholesterol were more pronounced in patients with larger infarcts
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Liberty Latin America (NASDAQ: LILAK) (OTC Link: LILAB) is a leading telecommunications company operating in over 20 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean under the consumer brands VTR, Flow, Liberty, Mas Movil, BTC and Cabletica.
Despite problems like Latin America's internal disorder and weakening economy, China-CELAC Forum is operating normally.
Even more disturbing than Latin America's tepid economic growth is the fact that its stuttering and half-hearted attempt at economic market reform over the past two decades has barely made a dent at reducing the region's mass poverty and chronic income inequality.
With surging oil prices and a growing appetite for bio-fuels, it would be folly for Latin America not to follow Brazil.
(Planned Parenthood et al.) pour big dollars into Latin America to push their agenda and their products.
In the case of Latin America it seems clear that kinship continues to be a central mode of social interaction and individual adaptation to factors of modern life that might otherwise lead to alienation.
Hu's Latin America visit included a stop in Santiago, Chile, to attend a summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Council (APEC), a regional economic bloc.
"It represents what all of Latin America could be one day be if globalization helps improve economies."
We conducted studies of Indonesia and China in Asia and of Brazil, Argentina, and Chile in Latin America. Brazil was chosen because of the incomparable forestry conditions and the country's stability.
As lucrative green investment opportunities in the United States become harder to find, socially conscious investors are doing better than ever by doing good in Latin America. While U.S.
Writing in an age before the advent of American gunboat diplomacy and Yankee imperialism in Latin America (the Monroe Doctrine notwithstanding), Sarmiento looked to the United States as a model of what a liberal, progressive, and modernizing Argentina might become.
Latin America, for all of its growth potential, is still one of the more volatile portions of the global stock market.