superior lateral genicular artery

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su·pe·ri·or lat·er·al ge·nic·u·lar ar·ter·y

origin, popliteal; distribution, knee joint; anastomoses, lateral circumflex femoral, third perforating, anterior tibial recurrent, lateral inferior genicular, that is, the articular vascular network of the knee.
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(41) While rare, pseudoaneurysm of the lateral superior genicular artery can also occur if the vessel is inadequately ligated and is best treated by angiographic coil embolisation.
Caption: Figure 5: Position graft fixation outlined with the metal wand, cranial to the lateral superior genicular artery in red.
The most probable cause for the AV fistula in the present case was a laceration of the lateral superior genicular artery by stab incision for the femoral graft fixation.

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