globus pallidus

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 [glo´bus] (pl. glo´bi) (L.)
1. sphere.
2. a spherical structure.
globus hyste´ricus the subjective sensation of a lump in the throat.
globus pal´lidus the smaller and more medial part of the lentiform nucleus of the brain; it is divided into two parts, lateral and medial, by the medial medullary lamina.
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glo·bus pal·'li·dus

the inner and lighter gray portion of the lentiform nucleus; composed of a lateral segment (globus pallidus lateralis [TA]) and a medial segment (globus pallidus medialis [TA]) separated by a vertically oriented lamina of fibers, the lamina medullaris medialis [TA] (medial medullary lamina [TA]). The medial segment may also be incompletely divided into a lateral part [TA] (pars laterallis [TA]) and a medial part [TA] (pars medialis [TA]) by the accessory medullary lamina [TA] (lamina medullaris accessoria [TA]).
See also: paleostriatum.
Synonym(s): pallidum [TA], pale globe
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globus pallidus

(glō′bəs păl′ĭ-dəs)
The inner and lighter gray portion of the lentiform nucleus of the brain. Also called pallidum.
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glo·bus pal·li·dus

(glō'bŭs pal'i-dŭs) [TA]
The inner and lighter gray portion of the lentiform nucleus.
See also: paleostriatum
Synonym(s): pallidum.
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Globus pallidus

A pale-colored spherical structure within the basal ganglia. Deep brain stimulation of this area is helpful in controlling the chorea of some patients with HD.
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