inferior lateral genicular artery

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in·fe·ri·or lat·er·al ge·nic·u·lar ar·ter·y

origin, popliteal; distribution, knee joint; anastomoses, lateral superior genicular and anterior tibial recurrent (and posterior); that is, articular vascular network of knee.
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The lateral inferior genicular artery and its branches supply the posterior portion of the lateral meniscus [9].
The lateral inferior genicular artery courses adjacent to the peripheral border of the lateral meniscus [9], whereas the medial genicular arteries do not course so close to the medial meniscus.
When a patient of recurrent hemarthrosis of the knee is encountered, especially when such a patient has lateral-dominant osteoarthritis and/or torn lateral meniscus, it is highly probable that the origin of the bleeding is the branch of lateral inferior genicular artery that penetrates and supplies the lateral meniscus.

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