lateral hypothalamic area

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lat·er·al hy·po·tha·lam·ic ar·e·a

the portion of the hypothalamus located generally lateral to a rosterocaudal line drawn through the column of the fornix and the mammillothalamic tract; contains fibers collectively comprising the medial forebrain bundle [TA] and the following nuclei: portions of the preoptic area [TA] (area preoptica [TA]), portions of the lateral tuberal nuclei [TA] (nuclei tuberales laterales [TA]), the perifornical nucleus [TA] (nucleus perifornicalis [TA]), and the tuberomammillary nucleus [TA] (nucleus tuberomammillaris [TA]).
See also: hypothalamus.
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Those located in the arcuate nucleus and lateral hypothalamic area decrease appetite while stimulation of food intake is seen with activation of dopaminergic receptors in ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus (Valassi, 2008).
Among the different regions involved in the serotoninergic neurotransmission, the lateral hypothalamic area may be responsible of several serotoninergic effects, including eating, drinking and copulation (Wayner et al.
One theory for the mechanism of this effect is that, in the central nervous system, orexin producing neurons are colocalized with the neurons in the lateral hypothalamic area that are responsible for food intake (Date et al., 1999; Dun et al., 2000; Ehmke and Just, 2000).
Neurons expressing the peptide orexin are found exclusively in the lateral hypothalamic area (LHA).
(1) Immuno-cytochemical studies show that orexin-positive neurons are located in the lateral hypothalamic area and arcuate and perifornical nuclei.

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