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(flank), [TA]
The area of the abdomen on each side of the umbilical region between transpyloric plane and intertubercular or interspinous plane.
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, gen. lateris, pl. latera (lā'tus, lat'ĕr-is, lat'ĕr-a) [TA]
The side of the body between the pelvis and the ribs.
Synonym(s): flank.
[L. side]
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The side of the body. The plural form is latera.
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Landmarks were digitized on standardized pictures of the dorsal, lateral and ventral views of the cranium, and latera view of the mandibles (Fig.
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Entellus Medical announced the publication of positive data from prospective, multicenter OR and Office studies of Latera for patients with symptoms of Nasal Valve Collapse due to lateral wall insufficiency.
RomeroAEs original Dead trilogy and its radical representations of women and family, men, and monsters, as well as in more recent works like 28 Days Latera and Deadgirl; how the modern zombie is being co-opted and commodified in works like The Walking Dead, World War Z, and Warm Bodies; recent trends in the depiction of the female zombie protagonist in Raw and Santa Clarita Diet; and the genreAEs protest potential in In the Flesh.
The modal displacements in the latera left wall can be related with geometric properties, namely characterized as a slender element, and absence of clamping systems in the transversal direction of the church during the FEA formulation.
(se ofrece para cada area de formacion) Unidades Academicas que los ofrecen Nombres de los cursos que Administracion Ciclo en Salida corresponden el Nucleo Educativa que se latera Pedagogic Creditos ofrece Introduccion a I p la Pedagogia Desarrollo y Aprendizaje II R en la Adolescencia Fundamentos de Didactica III O Principios de Curriculum III F Principios de Evaluacion IV y Medicion Educativa Taller de materiales 3 IV s didacticos y medios audiovisuales o Metodologia de La V R Ensenanza de ...
Periplectomenus Ni hercle diffregeritis talos posthac quemque in tegulis videritis alienum, ego vostra faciam latera lorea.