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A buzz term for physical evidence that is generally invisible to the naked eye—e.g., fingerprints, palm prints, footprints
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Modern philosophy says that all things in nature are dependent on one another; the ancient philosopher had the same truth latent in his mind when he affirmed that out of one thing all the rest may be recovered.
Characteristic also of the temper of the Socratic enquiry is, (4) the proposal to discuss the teachableness of virtue under an hypothesis, after the manner of the mathematicians; and (5) the repetition of the favourite doctrine which occurs so frequently in the earlier and more Socratic Dialogues, and gives a colour to all of them--that mankind only desire evil through ignorance; (6) the experiment of eliciting from the slave-boy the mathematical truth which is latent in him, and (7) the remark that he is all the better for knowing his ignorance.
His latent uneasiness had been, that bad aims were being worked out in his own unhappy land by bad instruments, and that he who could not fail to know that he was better than they, was not there, trying to do something to stay bloodshed, and assert the claims of mercy and humanity.
" I have got at that latent affection, pride, fidelity, and the rest of it," resumed Miserrimus Dexter.
Yet her engaging face, being an open as well as a perceptive one, was not without her husband's latent smile.
"No, nothing," said Maggie, rousing her latent will.
The average probability of each cutset can be independently computed using the formulas for dual-term cutsets (dual redundant system with one or two latents) and three-term cutsets (with two or three latents) etc.
This leads to flights where the system may have latent faults in the backup components.
Although highly useful, FTA methodology has some limitations in modeling specific scenarios such as in calculating average probability of failure when multiple latent faults are present, especially so if present in the same minimal cutset.
There has been reluctance for the majority of latent print units to document the characteristics used in the examination by charting latent prints and exemplars or providing a written description of the areas of identification and discrepancies in designated cases (i.e., high-profile cases or cases with latents of poor quality).
In the aftermath of the March 11, 2004, train bombing in Madrid, Spain, personnel from the FBI Latent Print Unit performed a fingerprint analysis and reported an individualization of a latent print with a candidate print from an Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification (IAFIS) search.
As part of the corrective-action process, an international committee of distinguished latent print examiners and forensic experts was formed.