late effect

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late ef·fect

(lāt e-fekt')
Physical finding that occurs after onset of an acute illness or injury; generally considered as secondary to the disorder, rather than unrelated.
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Improving Quality of Life for Childhood Cancer Survivors: Unfortunately, even after beating cancer, as many as two-thirds of survivors suffer from late effects of their disease or treatment, including secondary cancers and organ damage.
Early recognition of these late effects can facilitate prompt and appropriate treatment, if desired," they said.
This research demonstrates a novel method of treating this tumor without the toxicity of aggressive therapy that can also have late effects on the patient's health," said Tamarah J.
I understand more than most the devastating effects of polio; the legacy lives on in the 120,000 polio survivors in the UK, living with the late effects of Polio, and a debilitating new neurological condition, Post Polio Syndrome (PPS).
For more information on polio, the late effects of polio and PPS, call us on 0800 043 1935 or visit www.
Although that increased the potential for late effects, the overall goal of the protocol was to get a high enough dose of radiation to obtain local control with a minimum of anesthetic events.
Polio survivors in New Zealand have, until recently, had little opportunity to be assessed for the late effects of polio or have clinically robust rehabilitation plans developed.
Late effects of lead poisoning on mental development.
More than ten workshops will be offered, covering healthy cooking, fertility, therapeutic arts, healing touch, late effects of therapy, and parenting with cancer, among others.
Although there remain some effects of treatment on hearing, endocrine, and neurocognitive outcomes - particularly in younger patients - other late effects common in photon-treated patients, such as cardiac, pulmonary, and gastrointestinal toxic effects, were absent.
Long-term and late effects of germ cell testicular cancer treatment and implications for followup.
Late effects were less severe and better local tumor control rates achieved with multiple, small radiation fractions than with a few large fractions.

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