Latchkey Kid

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A child who arrives home after school, lets him/herself into the house—with a ‘latchkey’—and is unattended until the parents’ arrive from work
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Her first novel An Alien There is None (Thursday's Child) was published in 1960 followed by The Latchkey Kid in 1970, which is now taught in Canadian schools.
Danish researchers say latchkey kids exercise less and suffer from a lack of sleep - all of which can lead to the pounds piling on.
These include homeless families, latchkey kids, and many who live in unsafe environments.
is a fabulous resource for kids and parents, helping to teach latchkey kids needed survival skills as well as providing constructive independent activity suggestions for kids who are just a little bored.
Unlike the latchkey kids of the '70s, many of these recent graduates have grown up in households with hyper-involved parents and overscheduled lives.
While other tenants complained of vandalism I shared cherry tomatoes with latchkey kids.
This could be a good thing for single mothers, provided they are given flexible work hours that don't turn their children into latchkey kids.
Often the children of two working parents, these former latchkey kids are characterized by insecurity.
95) offers an insider's look at how a would-be sanctuary has become, as his title suggests, a catch-all gathering place where devoted readers are joined by Internet-savvy latchkey kids, semi-homeless misfits and everybody in between.