Latchkey Kid

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A child who arrives home after school, lets him/herself into the house—with a ‘latchkey’—and is unattended until the parents’ arrive from work
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After 19 years of retirement and 27 years in education as a teacher and administrator, I can never forget my abysmal failures in trying to be a surrogate parent, teacher, counselor and confidante for my latch-key children who had no one at home when they left for school and no one at home at the end of their school day.
The committee judged current NLC policies on latch-key children, substance abuse and child abuse as being adequate but directed that further information be developed on interstate issues in adoption/foster care and child support enforcement.
Fetal alcohol-affected children, latch-key children, gifted children, and children from highly stressed families participate in the program.
* Help residents be part of telephone reassurance programs for shut-ins or latch-key children.
He gave speeches about child care, sponsored a conference for corporate CEOs on daycare, appointed to task force and held a conference on latch-key children, and urged local YMCAs, churches, school districts and the like to open after-school facilities.
In the area of children's policy, the committee is charged with examining children's rights, interstate enforcement of child support orders, meeting the needs of latch-key children, and challenges in foster care and adoption.