Latchkey Kid

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A child who arrives home after school, lets him/herself into the house—with a ‘latchkey’—and is unattended until the parents’ arrive from work
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Like the library latch key kids, these children also come home to an empty house or are left under the care of an older sibling or to care for younger siblings.
Significantly, the child who visits the library regularly but utilizes it primarily as a social space shows no greater proclivity towards reading ("The Library Latch Key Kid")than their peers who do not frequent the library and similarly lack this parental reinforcement.
Latch Key Kids Kare Owner: Lorraine Pike Address: 2100 S.
Harness Free THIS morn as I awoke I lay, my mind did wander back so far, In time to places where we'd play, when latch key kids, our doors ajar.