André, French anatomist, 1877-1947. See: Latarget nerve, Latarget vein.
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09% formation Formation of crow's foot 83.6% Anterior nerve of latarget without 7.2% branches and plexus formation Pattern Observed Previous Study Presence of Anterior nerve of Latarjet et al (1921): 100% Latarjet Skandalakis et al (1986): 96% Anterior nerve of Latarjet Latarjet et al (1921): 100 % terminates at the level of incisura Skandalakis et al : 79% angularis Shuang Qin Yi: 40% Formation of plexus over the TW Mackay & anterior surface of body of the stomach PLR Andrews: 58.06% Branches arising from the anterior Skandalakis et al: 1986 nerve of Latarjet without plexus formation Shuang Qin Yi: 1990 Formation of crow's foot Shuang Qin Yi: 100% Anterior nerve of latarget without Variation hitherto not reported branches and plexus formation
Diz Cantos citando o anatomista Latarget (1877-1947) "esta ciencia reclama uma educacao da memoria visual, a observacao conservada".
(2) Laboratoire des Materiaux Polymeres et Biomateriaux, UMR CNRS 5627, Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1, 15 Boulevard Latarget, 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex, France