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An opening or rupture in the earth’s surface through which lava, hot gases, and fragments of rock erupt. The effect of volcanic eruptions on humans is both direct—lava flow, tidal waves, mud slides—and indirect—releasing ash that affects the lungs or weather
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Because it has remained dormant since its last eruption in 1907, data to make scientific comparison is in short supply.
According to new dating studies, the last eruption in the caldera occurred 60,000 years ago, relatively recently by geologic standards.
TOKYO, March 1 (KUNA) -- A volcano in southwestern Japan is likely to have erupted again on Thursday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, less than five months after its last eruption.
The last eruption occurred in 1963 which killed more than 1000 people, annihilating several villages.
Indonesian officials have imposed a 12km exclusion zone around the volcano, whose last eruption in 1963 killed over 1,000 people and destroyed several settlements.
In the last eruption of the volcano Theologos on the Aleutian islands in Alaska, a cloud of ash has been ejected, which could hinder air transport, the US volcano observation center reported.
The last eruption occurred about 800 years ago, southeast of Madinah.
There is so much heat coming out of Yellowstone right now that if it wasn't being reheated by magma, the whole system would have gone stone cold since the time of the last eruption 70,000 years ago," he added.
The neighbouring Katla volcano has erupted roughly every 40-80 years during the 1,000 years prior to its last eruption in 1918.
He noted that the volcano's last eruption ran from 1821 to 1823.
Before March, the last eruption took place in 2004.