Lab medicine A laser finger perforator for capillary sampling of glucose and other chemistries, which provides less-painful monitoring for Pt and eliminates accidental needle sticks. See Needle stick.
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Lasette, a former schoolteacher, combines "assertions of racial equality with proclamations of Christian faith" (124), values pivotal to Harper's lifetime of activism and present in Harcourt's valedictory speech, which emphasizes "the history of an entire people__not her own achievement__as inspiration" (140).
The Lasette is a laser finger perforator for capillary blood sampling.
Cell Robotics is the developer of the Lasette; the only FDA approved needleless skin perforator for blood collection and glucose monitoring.
Those items include Assure, a blood glucose meter; Haemolance, a lancet; Personal Lasette, a laser lancing device; DiaScreen, reagent strips for urinalysis; and Select GT, another blood glucose meter.
The Lasette handheld laser-lancing device uses a pulse of laser light to obtain drops of blood for analysis.
The Lasette works by focusing a high-energy pulse of infrared light.
Lasette. Harper's seemingly conservative move here has sometimes prevented today's readers from appreciating this text and others utilizing similar strategies, such as her turn-of-the-century speeches on motherhood and her 1890s novel, Iola Leroy.
Lasette, a self-conscious model of African American Republican motherhood extended into the larger race community.
introduced Personal Lasette, a laser finger perforator that diabetes patients use for sampling capillary blood for testing glucose levels.
MINNEAPOLIS -- The Food and Drug Administration has granted marketing clearance for Lasette, a laser finger perforator system for use with those diabetes patients who must prick their fingers several times daily to check their blood sugar level.
has exclusive worldwide rights to market and sell the patent-protected Lasette products through its development and distribution agreement with Cell Robotics International Inc.
received Food and Drug Administration approval last month to market Lasette, the first medical laser device to win clearance from the agency.