Lab medicine A laser finger perforator for capillary sampling of glucose and other chemistries, which provides less-painful monitoring for Pt and eliminates accidental needle sticks. See Needle stick.
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is the parent company to "au" Le Cadeau Natural Mountain Spring Water, La Bon Table Gourmet Dinner Entrees, the Z-CAC Controlled Atmosphere Container, La Bon Table Productions (the Chef Homer Lee Thomas Show), Cell Robotics Infant Lasette and affiliated medical products, and Newport Creek Hospitality.
The Lasette is a laser finger perforator for capillary blood sampling.
The course, open to any Antelope Valley Union High School District student entering their sophomore, junior or senior year, will count for 10 units of visual and performing arts credit toward graduation, Highland drama member Lasette Azar said.
In addition, the Company intends to pursue remaining tasks in the development of its Lasette product for infant heelsticks.
BULLETIN BOARD: CRII) announced today that it anticipates significant sales of its proprietary Lasette product to the blood banking community based on the product's reception at the 2004 annual meeting of the American Association of Blood Banks in Baltimore last week.
In these capacities, he has gained full knowledge of the company's operations, has developed comprehensive business plans and has led methodical market penetration initiatives for the company's Clinical Lasette and UltraLight product lines.
The needleless Lasette has been priced to be economically advantageous when compared to "safety lancets" and is an ideal device to protect health-care workers from accidental needle-stick accidents and to help health-care facilities comply with the Federal "Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act" signed into law on November 6, 2000.
The award-winning Lasette product line is comprised of miniature laser instruments for capillary blood collection, without physical invasion of the skin.
The estimated size of the world wide market for the Clinical Lasette is over 40 million dollars per annum.