Laser Whitening

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The use of a laser to provide whiter teeth
Technique A bleaching product is painted on the teeth, followed by laser exposure, which activates the chemical, lightening the teeth up to five or six shades
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Smile Tec 360 offers laser whitening treatment through well trained certified specialist professionals.
The laser whitening procedure was featured recently in TELVA, reportedly the most widely read women's fashion magazine in Spain.
Tooth+ in Stirling has just launched Zoom laser whitening.
Your Life has teamed up with The London Smile Clinic, the centre of excellence for cosmetic dentistry in central London, to treat one lucky reader to the Clinic's exclusive BriteSmile laser whitening treatment (worth pounds 950) plus two nights in the luxury Montagu Place Hotel for the winner and a friend.
Brow lift to smooth out frown lines & wrinkles pounds 3,000' Laser eye surgery to correct her vision pounds 1,500' Dental veneers and laser whitening pounds 8,000' Lower face and neck lift to banish 'turkey neck' pounds 6,500' Implants and breast uplift to defy effect of gravity pounds 7,000' Nose job to soften and smooth her pointy beak pounds 4,000 Picture: BBH PICTURES' BEFORE
The company expects to receive communication regarding its laser whitening claims within the next few months.
The first part of the process is the laser whitening to give the process an initial boost.
It claims to cause 73 per cent less sensitivity than other laser whitening treatments.
Gel-Tray whitening, for example, can cost pounds 300 to pounds 700, while laser whitening comes in at between pounds 700 and pounds 1,300.
Pat Burgess, vice president of sales for Teeth White Laser Centers, LP, explained: "Our extensive research showed us the ILT/BriteSmile(R) Laser Whitening System provides the highest quality results in the shortest period of time possible.
Barney, president and CEO, released the following statement: "Revenues for the current quarter are up 40% over the first quarter of the year as the Company continues to build its distribution of BriteSmile Laser Whitening Systems.
The most popular cosmetic procedure is laser whitening, followed by veneers and crowns.

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