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Alejandro, Argentine parasitologist, 1870-1902. See: Posadas disease.
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The traditional Las Posadas pinata is a seven-pointed star.
We cannot say that las posadas will disappear, they just are moving to another point in their history like all traditions do," he said.
The exploration model being followed at Las Posadas is that of Phelps Dodge's Candelaria mine (470 million tonnes @ 0.
Since Betty Jean Bartholomew joined the church and assumed the role of musical director, this south Eugene congregation has made it its habit to honor a tradition held dear by so many in the community - Las Posadas, the Latin American tale of Joseph and Mary seeking shelter in Bethlehem.
When I hosted Las Posadas, I thought of it as a wonderful tradition, but after Hurricane Katrina I saw it in a new light.
Students and faculty in Austin celebrate Saint Juan Diego's newly official feast day on December 9, and Las Posadas later in the month.
A Santa Fe Christmas is a triumph of setting, spirit, and tradition combined, much like this performance of Las Posadas (The Inns) that has graced the downtown plaza for generations.
Modelo Especial will execute Hispanic market promotions tied to Cinco de Mayo, Fiestas Patrias, Las Posadas, various soccer games and boxing.
The folk drama Las Posadas, depicting Joseph and Mary's search for an inn, begins at 7 P.
Casa de Esperanza is situated between two other mental health facilities, Las Posadas and Villa Calleguas.
In a country known for its festive celebrations, guests may experience the excitement of Las Posadas, the nine days before Christmas, or Ano Nuevo, New Year's.
Las Posadas - Casa de Adobe: featuring a candle-lit procession commemorating Mary and Joseph's search for shelter in Bethlehem.