laryngeal mask airway

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la·ryn·ge·al mask

(lă-rin'jē-ăl mask)
Oral airway with an inflatable cuff at its lower end that forms a seal above the laryngeal inlet rather than within the larynx. Used in prehospital care as an airway adjunct instead of an endotracheal tube.
Synonym(s): laryngeal mask airway.
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laryngeal mask airway

Abbreviation: LMA
An airway that can be blindly inserted into the hypopharynx to use when advanced airway control is needed during procedures that require brief anesthesia. It consists of an airway tube with a proximal cuff, which holds the middle of the tube in place at the base of the tongue, and a distal cuff to fix the end of the tube in the trachea.


It should not be used in patients at high risk of aspiration.
Synonym: laryngeal tracheal airway
See also: airway
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Preparation for difficult airway management was done with video laryngoscopy, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, and laryngeal masks with fit size.
After 1.5 minutes, the FLA group was inserted 3#-5# supreme laryngeal masks according to body weights.
An anesthesia laryngeal masks is a supraglottic airway device, which is used extensively in emergency medicine.
LMA SureSeal PreCurved is reportedly the first device to support Teleflex's strategy to grow global supraglottic airway procedural usage by expanding its LMA portfolio to include a full range of silicone laryngeal masks.
KEY WORDS: Endotracheal intubation; Laryngeal mask airway; Laryngeal masks;Tonsillectomy.
24 October 2012 - US medical technology product specialist Teleflex Inc (NYSE:TFX) said it had wrapped up its USD276m (EUR213m) acquisition of Curacao-based laryngeal masks provider LMA International NV (SGX:L24).
Reusable laryngeal masks are being gradually phased out in favour of single-use disposable devices at our institution.
Offering 2,500 sq ft of space dedicated to the production of medical devices destined for use in cardiology, orthopaedics and ear, nose and throat surgery, the clean room will initially be used for the assembly of laryngeal masks. It will also allow Arrow Medical to assemble a variety of advanced devices, including combinations of optics, precision engineered metal and polymer components.
As the sole provider of laryngeal masks to Novation, this agreement effectively insulates LMA from competition."