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Loren J., 20th-century U.S. orthopedic surgeon. See: Larsen syndrome.
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Wolf Larsen ceased swearing as suddenly as he had begun.
"We'll see to that," Wolf Larsen answered, and elevated his voice in a call of "Cooky!"
Wolf Larsen did not laugh, though his grey eyes lighted with a slight glint of amusement; and in that moment, having stepped forward quite close to him, I received my first impression of the man himself, of the man as apart from his body, and from the torrent of blasphemy I had heard him spew forth.
Wolf Larsen dropped my hand with a flirt of disdain.
"Very probably," was Wolf Larsen's answer, as he turned partly away from me and cried out, "Cooky!
But Wolf Larsen ignored that worthy, turning at once to the cabin- boy.
"A what?" Wolf Larsen asked, a peculiar softness in his voice, as though he were overwhelmingly curious to hear the unspoken word.
This time Wolf Larsen's command was thrillingly imperative.
Then came another stirring of Wolf Larsen's tremendous strength.
"The pilot-boat Lady Mine," Wolf Larsen answered grimly.
"Too much 'Frisco tanglefoot for the health of my crew!" Wolf Larsen shouted after.
"Well, Leach, are you going for'ard?" Wolf Larsen asked.