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Loren J., 20th-century U.S. orthopedic surgeon. See: Larsen syndrome.
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Wolf Larsen ceased swearing as suddenly as he had begun.
We'll see to that," Wolf Larsen answered, and elevated his voice in a call of "Cooky
Wolf Larsen did not laugh, though his grey eyes lighted with a slight glint of amusement; and in that moment, having stepped forward quite close to him, I received my first impression of the man himself, of the man as apart from his body, and from the torrent of blasphemy I had heard him spew forth.
Wolf Larsen dropped my hand with a flirt of disdain.
But Wolf Larsen ignored that worthy, turning at once to the cabin- boy.
Wolf Larsen asked, a peculiar softness in his voice, as though he were overwhelmingly curious to hear the unspoken word.
The pilot-boat Lady Mine," Wolf Larsen answered grimly.
And thus it was that I passed into a state of involuntary servitude to Wolf Larsen.
From time to time they stole glances at Wolf Larsen, and I could see that they were apprehensive of the man.
As it passed, Wolf Larsen began to speak, the bare-headed men swaying in unison, to the heave and lunge of the deck.
Johansen," Wolf Larsen said briskly to the new mate, "keep all hands on deck now they're here.
The hunters were laughing at a fresh story of Smoke's; the men pulling and hauling, and two of them climbing aloft; Wolf Larsen was studying the clouding sky to windward; and the dead man, dying obscenely, buried sordidly, and sinking down, down--