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Ernst, 20th-century German physiologist. See: Laquer stain for alcoholic hyalin.
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amp; Ann Laquer Estin, Cases and Problems on Domestic Relations 114 (2005) ("It goes without saying that monogamy is the controlling principle of Anglo-American marriage law.
More than 100 people gathered at the Rubell Family Collection in Wynwood to honor Edie Laquer and celebrate the establishment of the Edie Laquer Foundation Women and Children's Rights Attorney Chair at Legal Services of Greater Miami.
6-litre engine in 250hp or 270hp as well as the Coupe Franche design taken from the Onyx concept car, which slashes a diagonal line through the car with high laquer black to the rear and red to the front.
Ted said no dance accelerants are used and the slippery floor is caused by the laquer polish the centre itself uses.
For Essie's 35th anniversary, the legendary nail laquer brand is celebrating Vegas-style, in honor of the ultimate party town where it all began.
While PrinterOn attempted to inflate the litigation, Breezy's attorney, Alan Laquer of Knobbe Martens, built a cost-effective case strategy informed by his expertise as a software programmer.
It is still very informative and readable; like Reinharz, Laquer is a very distinguished historian.
Their partners wore hair sleeked down with brilliantine until it looked like black laquer and suggested something no polite woman spoke of.
1673 (2011) (immigration law); Ann Laquer Estin, Sharing Governance: Family Law in Congress and the States, 18 Cornell J.
Laccase study was initially started by Yoshida (1883) from the sap of the Japanese laquer tree Rhus vernicifera.
38 Laquer Walter, The new terrorism: Fanaticism and the arms of mass destruction (New York: Oxford University Press, 1999), 203.
Cement with layers and layers of laquer give the floor a shiny, squeaky finish.