Lanz, Otto

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Otto, Swiss surgeon in Holland, 1865-1935.
Lanz incision
Lanz line - a horizontal plane marking the boundary between the lateral and umbilical regions superiorly and the inguinal and pubic regions inferiorly. Synonym(s): interspinal plane
Lanz low-pressure cuff endotracheal tube
Lanz operation
Lanz point
Lanz tracheostomy tube
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At laparotomy by Lanz incision, a six inches length, tubular, distally-communicating duplication of the ileum was found.
After resuscitation Lanz incision was given and peritoneal cavity was opened.
Inclusion criteria involved patients of both genders, older than 15 years undergoing appendectomy through grid iron or Lanz incision and having per-operative findings of complicated appendicitis (grossly inflamed, gangrenous or perforated appendix).
Operating time for laparoscopic group was 1.02(1-1.5) hours with only six conversion into Lanz incisions. In the open group the operating time was 51.5 min (30-90 min) and there were 40 laparotomies due to uncertain diagnosis, in three cases due to extensive adhesions appendectomy could not be performed.