Dermatology A proprietary formulation of lanolin, used to clean and protect skin, and manage decubitus ulcers. See Pressure ulcer.
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of America Kelo Cote Advanced Bio-Technologies Alpharma Actavis Group Curad Medline Industries Nobrand Humeo Lab Pinaud Clubman American International Industrie Curad Silver Solution Medline Industries The Honest Co The Honest Sundown Naturals Rexall Sundown Boiron Boiron Aquaphor Beiersdorf Scaraway Mitchell Vance Laboratories Alocane Quest Products First Degree Welmedix Jason Jason Natural Beauty Prods Domeboro Moberg Pharma North America NaturopathixZymaderm Naturopathix Procure Profoot Lantiseptic Summit Industries Brand Dollar Sales % Growth Hibiclens $16,141,982 +7.
jars of Lantiseptic Daily Care Skin Protectant — Multipurpose formula moisturizes and protects against irritation and skin breakdown.
Lantiseptic Skin Care products clean, soothe, protect and treat skin injuries caused by incontinence, pressure sores and dry, cracked, reddened skin.
Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream contains 35% lanolin, mineral oil and beeswax.
Lantiseptic All Body Wash is a pH-balanced perineal wash with lanolin.
We haven't made many significant changes to our Lantiseptic skin protective product since it first went on the market in 1906.
The name Lantiseptic was derived from combining the words lanolin and antiseptic.
Over a decade ago we reintroduced the product for people as Lantiseptic, and it's been the fastest-growing product we've ever had.
The Lantiseptic line from Summit Industries includes the original Lantiseptic Skin Protectant, a rich, lanolin-based ointment, plus two other products.
Lantiseptic Skin Protectant often resulted in complete healing or significant improvement in as little as 3 weeks.
Jenkins: Lantiseptic has a high lanolin content and acts as an emollient protective ointment that lets the natural healing process proceed without the inhibitions that come from excessive dryness or excessive moisture.
This can even be seen in the name of our product, Lantiseptic.