A.J., 19th-century U.S. anatomist in Strasbourg. See: Lanterman incisures, Lanterman segments, Schmidt-Lanterman clefts, Schmidt-Lanterman incisures.
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Margaret Lanterman is an artist and art educator who explores the interface between nature and culture in sculptural and two-dimensional works.
During her senior year, Chang developed an interest in research, which she conducted offsite at the Lanterman Regional Center.
The Lanterman Act, as interpreted by the California Supreme Court in ARC-CA vs.
While data from other breaches--including the Target breach--are still being sold on the same site, hacker expert Mark Lanterman, who runs Computer Forensic Services in Minnetonka, Minn.
Lanterman Regional Center for the Developmentally Disabled, and also a member of the LA County Mexican American Bar Association.
Letter to Editor," New Art Examiner 7 (Summer 1979): 9 (signed by Lynn Kubin, Evelyn Statsinger, Linda Kramer, Michelle Stone, Sandra Perlow, Alice Shaddle, Shirley Federow, Margaret Lanterman, Gail Simpson, Joan Fitzsimmons, Aileen Meyers, Lori Gunn, Diane Simpson, Margot Bergman, and Laren A.
Abdullah, Elias, Mahyuddin y Uli, 2004; Lopes, Cote y Salovey, 2007; Otto y Lanterman, 2006; Rojas, 2005; Tsaousis y Nikolaou, 2005).
According to Mark Lanterman, chief technology officer of Computer Forensic Services, some of the most risky modern-day devices are copiers and cell phones.
Ruth Lanterman, Great Bend, Kansas, sends a version that was originally published in our sister publication, CAPPER's, at least 30 years ago.
The check was accepted by participants, from left, Angela Moreno and her children; Workforce Investment Board Executive Director Bryan Rogers; Workforce Investment Board Chair Shaun Lumachi; and Family Literacy Program Director Roberta Lanterman at the February 18 Workforce Investment Board meeting.
niger in those habitats (examples, Lacy Park in San Marino, Lanterman Developmental Center in Pomona, a residential area in Altadena adjacent to Eaton Canyon) we report here a documented case, with a timeline, where western gray squirrels have been replaced by eastern fox squirrels at a specific location.