Odilon M., French surgeon and pathologist, 1840-1911. See: Lannelongue foramina, Lannelongue ligaments.
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Air transport of teams and organs related to the transplant activity for the various hospital groups and public assistance sites - paris hospitals, foch hospital and the marie lannelongue surgical center.
E oportuno observar que a questao da avaliacao academica tem sido objeto de debate tambem fora do Brasil, frequentemente envolvendo a questao da ampliacao das metricas de medicao (Adler & Harzing, 2009; Aguinis, Shapiro, Antonacopoulou, & Cummings, 2014; Aguinis, Suarez-Gonzalez, Lannelongue, & Joo, 2012).
Luego en 1879, Lannelongue demostro que el tumor de Pott tambien puede resultar de la progresion de una sinusitis frontal a osteomielitis del hueso frontal (3).
Lannelongue (2012), "Evolution of the Electronic Waste Management System in Spain," Journal of Cleaner Production 24: 56-65.
Moreover, Carmat's incumbent shareholders, Truffle Capital, EADS (EPA: EAD) and Marie Lannelongue surgical centre, subscribed EUR3.
In 1890, Lannelongue treated sagittal synostosis with bilateral strip craniectomies (Lannelongue, 1890).
Contract notice: Compliance of the helipad on the terrace of the marie lannelongue hospital
Contract notice: The purpose of this consultation is to entrust the contractor with the provision of fire safety, Surveillance, Security and premises security services for marie lannelongue hospital.