Odilon M., French surgeon and pathologist, 1840-1911. See: Lannelongue foramina, Lannelongue ligaments.
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Esse processo se da a partir das relacoes estreitas do marketing com os clientes para identificar suas preferencias e depois coordenar com a P&D o projeto dos produtos e processos (Gonzalez-Zapatero, Gonzalez-Benito, & Lannelongue, 2017).
These results are consistent with studies mentioning that the pressure exerted by stakeholders is a key explanation of behaviors and environmental strategies adopted by companies (GONZALEZ-BENITO; LANNELONGUE; QUEIRUGA, 2011).
Used as a "smoke screen," the main objective is to reduce transaction costs by refraining from committing too many resources to an unnecessary cause (Lannelongue & Gonzalez-Benito, 2012; Tate, Dooley & Ellram, 2011).
Lannelongue (2012), "Evolution of the Electronic Waste Management System in Spain," Journal of Cleaner Production 24: 56-65.
Moreover, Carmat's incumbent shareholders, Truffle Capital, EADS (EPA: EAD) and Marie Lannelongue surgical centre, subscribed EUR3.5m to the capital increase.
In 1890, Lannelongue treated sagittal synostosis with bilateral strip craniectomies (Lannelongue, 1890).