developmental red flag

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An objective finding that indicates a delay in an infant, toddler, or pres-chooler in achieving developmental milestones, which fall into 5 major areas

developmental 'red flag'

Pediatrics An objective finding that indicates a delay in achieving developmental milestones; DRFs in assessing infants, toddlers, and preschoolers fall into 5 major areas:
Developmental red flag
Gross motor skills, eg does not roll over–5 months, can't hop–4 years
Fine motor skills, eg doesn't hold rattle–4-5 months, can't copy a circle–4 years
Language skills, eg not babbling–5-6 months, doesn't understand prepositions–4 years
Cognitive skills, eg does not search for dropped object–6-7 months, doesn't know colors or any letters–5 years
Psychosocial development, eg does not smile socially–5 months, in constant motion, resists discipline, does not play with other children–3-5 years NEJM 1994; 330:478cc. See Developmental milestone.
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intelligence agencies have been desperate to recruit people with language skills since they were criticised after the Sept 11 attacks for not having enough spies who spoke Arabic and Asian languages.
In non-English speaking countries, overcoming this anxiety necessitates greater emphasis on improving English language skills, so that the need to use them will not cause an affective barrier.
The research revealed nine out of 10 Liverpool businesses felt they could benefit from increased language skills among their employees.
Key tactics include the use of native speakers at all trade fairs, employment of staff with language skills, recruitment of local agents and the translation of its website into other languages, currently French and German.
BCI policy adviser Kasia Kurowska said: "The event has reinforced our own research that demonstrates the growing need for the development of language skills in young people.
Many migrants to this country already do much to try to improve their language skills before they arrive.
Researchers have little understanding of the brain malfunctions responsible for autism, a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive behavior, decreased language skills, and an inability to form social relationships.
Occasionally, short courses or tuition in modern language skills are needed at short notice and Unilang uses language trainers from its register of approved tutors.
This unique program allows language learners to practice newly acquired language skills with native speakers of that language.
Washington, Oct 27 (ANI): Preschool children with relatively poor language skills improve more if they are placed in classrooms with high-achieving peers, a new study has found.
Welsh-learning visitors to the museum in Llandysul, Powys, can use the pack, called Gwau Geiriau (weaving words), to help improve their language skills in an historic and cultural context.
Children enrolling in kindergarten often lack the social and language skills to excel, and parents often need help in changing that, the principal added.

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