developmental red flag

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An objective finding that indicates a delay in an infant, toddler, or pres-chooler in achieving developmental milestones, which fall into 5 major areas

developmental 'red flag'

Pediatrics An objective finding that indicates a delay in achieving developmental milestones; DRFs in assessing infants, toddlers, and preschoolers fall into 5 major areas:
Developmental red flag
Gross motor skills, eg does not roll over–5 months, can't hop–4 years
Fine motor skills, eg doesn't hold rattle–4-5 months, can't copy a circle–4 years
Language skills, eg not babbling–5-6 months, doesn't understand prepositions–4 years
Cognitive skills, eg does not search for dropped object–6-7 months, doesn't know colors or any letters–5 years
Psychosocial development, eg does not smile socially–5 months, in constant motion, resists discipline, does not play with other children–3-5 years NEJM 1994; 330:478cc. See Developmental milestone.
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