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lan·guage game

in philosophy, all the operations and behaviors contained in and expressed by symbols, language rules, and the social customs concerning language use.
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Visitors to the Transparent Language booth will be able to test their language skills, play any of five language games and sign up for Word of the Day, Transparent.
Smart Start Deluxe immerses users in the language with over 30 interactive language games featuring three skill settings, cartoon conversations with native speakers, speech recognition technology, record/playback feature, and Web site packed with cultural notes (www.
Six complete products in one, Easy Language Deluxe Suite (ESP $59) includes Easy Language(TM) 25 World Languages, Easy Language(TM) Conversational Skills, Berlitz(R) 62,000 Word Interpreter, Accent(TM) Multilingual Word Processor, Seterra(TM) Geography Learning Tool, and Selingua(TM) Language Games.
The majority opinion's linkage to EEOC moves that presume an exteriority or separability - in the role of "judging" to which the agency's guidance aspires - ties it to a "false neutrality" that imposes itself as a means of singularizing the multiplicity of language games.
In some later paragraphs in the exposition of the PLA, Wittgenstein shows in some detail that these criteria of identity have no place in language games in which we snake such judgments as "It is the same feeling I had yesterday" or "I know just what you are feeling.
By utilizing the Adobe Flash Platform and real-time collaboration capabilities, Rosetta Stone TOTALe builds on and enhances the effectiveness of the award-winning Rosetta Course[TM] by seamlessly integrating it with coach-led practice sessions, fun and engaging language games, access to native speakers and encouragement from customer success agents - all live and online.
12speak is now serving more than 10 languages and its users base mirrors the global need of playful language learning, serving users playing online language games out of more than 100 countries.
23) First, he envisions that the sacred scripture of a tradition provides not only the words used in communication but also the rightly played language games.
In this regard, the destabilizing indeterminacy of language games and hoax is noteworthy, although easy to overlook; for example, Bochner and Smithson intended "The Domain of the Great Bear," a compilation of found texts and installation photographs from the Hayden Planetarium that they composed for Art Voices (Fall 1966), to be a mock-serious "intervention," co-opting the institution of the art magazine by disguising secondary source material as an original work.
Here's one felicitous byproduct of that interest, a title chock-full of language games that should be a hit with kids and concerned parents.
Experience and Expression includes discussion of language games, the classifications of psychological concepts, expression, experience, objects of vision, memory, and emotion, as well as belief, supposition and assertion.
For children in elementary grades they provide lessons based on language games, rebus and rhyme, poetry, and scrapbooking and for middle school children they provide exercises involving cultural texts, programmed learning exercises, small groups and contact activity.
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