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lan·guage game

in philosophy, all the operations and behaviors contained in and expressed by symbols, language rules, and the social customs concerning language use.
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Hoem's analysis is based in Wittgenstien's notion of 'language games' and Goffman's concept of 'communicative frames'--both of which view language use as situated practice, with 'rules' that must be followed.
When rules of the language games in signs accentuating an event more than a system, in may violate the nature of rules of the language games itself since the rule is not regarded as a part of the system.
Language games help in solving a symbol grounding problem, as strong contexts constrain the meaning of words and allow robots to find the meaning easily.
And the two 'interfaces' were related: our ways of conceptualizing, our language games, were seen by me as controlled by 'operational constraints' which ultimately reduce to our sense data.
When actors exchange speech acts in the course of their interaction, the cluster of speech acts are known as "language games," following Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophy.
“The fun spark of the language games leaves us jumping with joy,” wrote the German Foundation Reading back then.
"We feature educational games, and I came here with some Japanese language games. We hope to localise our titles to become a bigger player," he said.
And yet bringing use meaning to the forefront of First Amendment doctrine drags with it a new set of problems, including the inherent difficulty of identifying the language games that imbue speech with meaning.
A philosophy of language amenable to giving priority to the circle of faith (rather than to the claims of the world) could be found in the later Wittgenstein's theory of language as the "language games" of the community that employed them, and in a theory of meaning not built on reference, but on meaning as used within those language games.
Since last year I've beencontributing puzzles to their Language Games feature.
Wittgenstein showed us how we are doing this throughjoint attention sharing activities, which he called 'language games'.
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